Power BI March 2024 Update Summary

Power BI March 2024 Update

In the March 2024 update, Power BI brings several new features. Visual calculations are improved, allowing for easier analysis. Users can now edit their data models within the Power BI Service. Additionally, report subscriptions can be delivered to OneDrive SharePoint. These updates make data visualization and management more efficient for Power BI users.

Power BI March 2024 Update

Power BI March 2024 Update

In the March 2024 update of Power BI, several key features were enhanced and introduced across various areas:


  1. Visual calculations update
  2. On-Object Interaction Updates
  3. Mobile layout auto-create
  4. Expanding Spatial Data Integration: Shapefile Support in Azure Maps Visual
  5. Data bars in matrix subtotal/total conditional formatting
  6. Data labels alignment


  1. Write DAX queries in DAX query view with Copilot
  2. Enhanced row-level security editor is Enabled by Default
  3. Selection expressions for calculation groups
  4. DAX query view improvements


  1. Edit your data model in the Power BI Service – Updates
  2. Undo/Redo, Clear all, and New filter cards in Explore
  3. Deliver report subscriptions to OneDrive SharePoint


  1. Custom visual SSO support


  1. New title flyout for Power BI Desktop developer mode
  2. Rename to “Semantic Model” in Power BI Project files
  3. System file updates for Git integration
  4. Hierarchal Identity filter API


  1. New visuals in AppSource, including:
    • Dumbbell Bar Chart by Nova Silva
    • Date Picker by Powerviz
    • Drill Down Combo PRO
    • PDF Uploader/Viewer
    • Inforiver Premium Matrix

Power BI Paginated Reports

  1. Connect to new data sources from Power BI Report Builder
  2. Localized parameter prompts in Power BI Report Builder

These updates aim to enhance data visualization, modeling capabilities, service functionalities, mobile experiences, developer tools, visualizations, and paginated reports within Power BI, providing users with improved features and capabilities for data analysis and reporting.

Download Power BI Desktop

  • Version number: v: 2.127.1080.0
  • Date published: 3/25/24
  • Download

For more details , Microsoft Power BI Blog : Power BI March 2024 Feature Summary

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