Database Management System (DBMS)

Computer And IT Applications

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Course Objectives:

  • To Understand the basic concepts and the applications of database systems
  • To Learn the basics of SQL and construct queries using SQL
  • To understand the relational database design principles
  • To become familiar with the basic issues of transaction processing and concurrency control
  • To become familiar with database storage structures and access techniques
  • Course Content:

    Course Outcome:

    • Understand the basics of a relational database management system.
    • Identify suitable data models for specific problems.
    • Design entity-relationship models and convert them into relational database structures, crafting SQL queries accordingly.
    • Apply normalization techniques for developing application software.

    Target Audience:

    This course is suitable for students pursuing BSCCSIT, BCA, BCSiT, BIM, BBA, BE IT, and BE Computer programs.

    Course Resources:

    Textbook: “Database System Concepts” by Abraham Silberschatz, Henry F. Korth, and S. Sudarshan

    Database Software: SQL,MySQL or PostgreSQL, Oracle

    Supplementary Readings: Curated journal articles, online resources, and case studies

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