NVIDIA Free AI courses

NVIDIA introduced free AI courses, offering accessible learning opportunities in artificial intelligence. These courses aim to empower individuals with knowledge and skills in AI technologies, catering to a wide range of learners worldwide.

NVIDIA free AI Courses

Nvidia free ai courses

Here are the free Artificial Intelligence (AI) Online courses.

  1. Building A Brain in 10 Minutes
    • What You’ll Learn:
      • Understanding the concept of neural networks.
      • Examining the process of data learning in neural networks.
    • URL: Building A Brain in 10 Minutes
  2. Generative AI Explained
    • What You’ll Learn:
      • Generative AI and how it works.
      • Various Generative AI applications.
      • Challenges and opportunities in Generative AI.
    • URL: Generative AI Explained
  3. AI in the Data Center
    • What You’ll Learn:
      • AI use cases.
      • Machine Learning and Deep Learning workflows.
      • GPU architecture and its impact on AI.
      • Deep learning frameworks and deployment considerations.
    • URL: AI in the Data Center
  4. Augment your LLM with Retrieval Augmented Generation
  5. Mastering Recommender Systems
    • What You’ll Learn:
      • Strategies from Kaggle Grandmasters on building recommendation systems for e-commerce.
      • Topics Covered:
        • 2-stage models.
        • Candidate generation.
        • Feature engineering.
        • Ensembling.
    • URL: Mastering Recommender Systems
  6. Accelerate Data Science Workflows with Zero Code Changes
  7. Building RAG Agents with LLMs
    • What You’ll Learn:
      • Scalable deployment strategies for LLMs and vector databases.
      • Modern LangChain paradigms for dialog management and document retrieval.
      • Using advanced models and steps for production.
    • URL: Building RAG Agents with LLMs
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