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Top SQL Interview Questions and Answers

Top SQL Interview Questions And Answers

Explore this curated list of Top SQL interview questions and answers to enhance your readiness for SQL-related job interviews. From fundamental concepts to advanced, these questions cover key topics like database, SQL structure and syntax, joins, subqueries,views, stored procedure and more. Use this resource to sharpen your SQL skills and excel in your next interview […]

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Architecture of Database Management System

database architecture

The DBMS architecture defines how users see the data in the database. It’s crucial for implementing, designing, and maintaining databases for businesses. DBMS architecture can be centralized, decentralized, or hierarchical. The architecture of DBMS can be defined at three levels. The three-schema database architecture is a framework for organizing and managing data in a database

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File Based system

file-based system

File based system was used to manage information. It stored data in various files across different application programs to retrieve or add data to the appropriate file. Direct Access Vs. Sequential Access File processing could occur sequentially or through direct access. However, this approach had limitations, necessitating the adoption of database management systems (DBMS). Data

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Components of Database Management Ssystem

Database Management System (DBMS) have several components, each performing very significant task in the database management system environment. Following are the component of DBMS and its environment Software This is a set of program used to control and mange the overall database. This  includes the DBMS software itself, the operating system itself, the network software

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