Power BI April 2024 Update Summary

Welcome to the Microsoft Power BI April update! This month’s release brings exciting enhancements across reporting, services, mobile support, visualizations, and analytics. From dynamic subscriptions to new visuals in AppSource, discover how these updates empower you to derive deeper insights and create compelling data-driven narratives.

Power BI April 2024 Update
Power BI April 2024 Update

Power BI April 2024 Update


Introduction of a new visual: 100% Stacked Area Chart.
Enhancements to lines in charts.
Improvement in Q&A feature with Copilot-generated Linguistic Relationships.


Storytelling in PowerPoint

  1. Improved image mode in the Power BI add-in for PowerPoint.
  2. Continuous slide show auto refresh.
  3. Auto populating the slide title.

Introduction of the Fabric metadata scanning sample app.
Dynamic Subscriptions for Power BI and paginated reports.


Support for folders in workspace.
Addition of “Clear barcode” action in the report footer.
Ability to open Power BI items in full-screen mode.


Introduction of new visuals in AppSource:

  1. KPI Matrix.
  2. Growth Rate Chart by DJEENI v1.4.
  3. Aimplan Comment Visual.
  4. Financial Reporting Matrix by Profitbase.
  5. Horizon Chart by Powerviz.
  6. Drill Down Scatter PRO by ZoomCharts.
  7. Image Gallery.
  8. Horizontal Bar Chart.
  9. Trends.
  10. Multi-pane Card 1.1.


Introduction of Copilot pane in Power BI Desktop. (Preview)

For More Details, visit Microsoft official blog: Power BI April 2024 Feature Summary

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  • Date published: 4/8/24
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